tAELOR smITH & dANIEL chapotchkine 

"Prior to deciding to elope in Costa Rica, my husband Daniel and I knew that having beautiful photos taken of our special day was immensely important to us. We had a particular aesthetic in mind and were immediately struck by the stunning work of White Diamond Photography. Natalia was a dream to work with! She went above and beyond what is required of a photographer. We felt so comfortable shooting with her and were both in awe of her talent, professionalism, and ability to capture organic and exquisite moments. We received over 200 photos from Natalia, which is far more than most photographers would send given the very reasonable price we paid. She even took 'engagement style' photos of us in normal attire and showed us around the area. Shooting with Natalia felt like shooting with a close friend! Natalia was incredibly accommodating. She drove nearly five hours from San José to Playa Flamingo (where we were staying) and spent the evening in a nearby hotel. The following day, she met us at our resort to begin shooting. I was quite upset when rain interrupted our shoot but Natalia alleviated my concerns completely. She dropped us off at our resort and picked us up an hour later once the rain ceased. Since our shooting time was reduced by the weather conditions, Natalia picked us up early the next morning to capture the perfect light and we shot well into the afternoon. My husband and I HIGHLY recommend White Diamond Photography. Everyone is inquiring as to who photographed our elopement because the photos are absolutely gorgeous. We are incredibly happy that we chose White Diamond Photography to shoot our special day. In addition to being a masterful photographer, Natalia is such a kind and warm individual. We cannot thank you enough!"



"What a pleasure to work with Natalia and Emanuel! We spent 10 days in Costa Rica and the photo shoot with WhiteDiamondPhoto was one of the best impressions of the country and the people! As a result we enjoy our magnificent pictures! All of them are splendid! We are looking forward to visiting other regions of Costa Rica and of course making another photo shoot with Natalia, who is the best photographer in the world!"



"Natalia and Emanuel are incredible at what they do. They captured our day so perfectly from beginning to end. In addition to photographing our wedding day, we asked them if they would take some pictures during a sunset sail the day before. We were very happy that they were excited to do so. After seeing how the two worked together during the sail, I had no doubts (not that I had any to begin with!) that they would do a wonderful job the next day. On our wedding day, they captured the story of our family, friends, and of us. They also took pictures of small details, which just makes our gallery that much more special and unique. In addition to giving us ideas and telling us what to do (which we needed!), they were also very enthusiastic towards all of our specific requests. The pair was a dream to work with, and the two are truly very talented. I absolutely recommend these two to cover any wedding or event for Central America and beyond!"